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Tax Controversies

If you or your company needs assistance with a notice or letter you've received from the IRS or a state taxing authority, we can help.  We can also assist you if you are currently being audited by the IRS or other taxing authority.  With us as your representative, many times you will not have to deal directly with the agency or auditor.  As your representative, we can act on your half and, if necessary, exhaust the appeals process to achieve as favorable a result as possible.

Many taxpayers are intimidated by dealing with taxing authorities.  The key is clear documentaion, constant and timely communication with the authority, and dealing in good faith.  In addition, treating the tax authority personnel with respect and professionalism normally yields better results than treating the auditor or agent in an adversarial manner.

If you need help with a notice you have received or an audit, please contact us.  

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